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2:00 am to morning

...because the city's always more beautiful at night

because the city's always more beautiful at night
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Is your tummy full tonight like mine? Wine flights of cheap champagne
and that night we stayed up late for the sunrise that never came
through the clouds and pouring rain...

2amtomorning is a tight-knit community where members contribute anything inspired by late nights or early mornings. It’s an outlet for writers and artists of all kinds to get to know one another and share what they have created. Poetry, prose, photography, music, stories, questions, and art are all welcome here. This community is about freedom of expression, raw emotion, and new friendships inspired by the things we love.

A few rules:
• Be kind. Respect your fellow members and their work. It’s simple but important. Everyone should be able to contribute here without fear of cruelty or harsh criticism. Opinions are okay, but keep them tactful and constructive. If there is a problem, contact a moderator and it will be dealt with.
• Censorship is very limited, but will be used if necessary. Individuality is encouraged, but there is no need to be offensive or disrespectful to others. That being said, this community is not encouraging insomnia/other sleep illnesses and posts discussing this should be kept to a minimum. Also keep adult material and triggering subjects behind cuts. This includes anything not safe for work, as well as the discussion of sensitive topics.
• You must now be a member to comment, but membership is open. :)
• Please check out the mod posts found here for some basic rules about tagging and the like.

Member’s tumblrs can be found here and twitters here and formsprings here.
Your mods are firebomber, winnegansfake, and cieux_du_sud